Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Humor in the Age of Obama

There's been considerable talk -- I heard some more of it just last night -- about how tough comedians are going to have it over the next four years because serious Barack Obama is just not a funny guy.

I say the comedians aren't trying hard enough. There will always be Republicans. And their reactions to Obama's plans are pure comedy gold. Let Jon show you how it's done:

(Via Balloon Juice.)

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kkryno said...


That show is one of the most intelligent, well-written piece of work around. I think it's part of what helped me maintain my sanity during the final stages of the past election. (Not an easy feat, being Blue in a Red state, AND the fact that Sarah is the governor here. AACKKK!)

Anyway, thanks for sharing Jon with us. He is truly a gem!