Monday, August 22, 2005

Jude Law: Much Ado about Nothing

The question from this blog isn't how big it is or isn't. The question from this blog is: just exactly how poor IS Jude Law's judgment? Surely he must be aware that the paparazzi have a certain interest in him. Was there no cabana nearby? No house? Not even a generous bush to duck behind?

Best way not to get caught undressing outside is...not to undress outside.

8-22-05 EDIT: I've removed the link to the picture because the photo has been taken down due to a "cease and desist" warning. I was trying to defend the man--it appeared that part of the object in question was in shadow and probably filmed from not the best angle. We've all been victim of that, now haven't we? It's just usually not our unphotographed parts that are photographed poorly.