Thursday, August 04, 2005

You got the look

I’ve been thinking about John Bolton.

And not for all the exhausting political reasons that people on all sides of the issue have been thinking about him. I could rant, but I don’t have the strength.

I’ve been thinking about his Look.

Not a one of us looks quite the way God/nature/Intelligent Designer made us. We start altering from the get-go: our first impulse with even the newborn babe is to slap on an ugly plastic ankle bracelet and a gender-specific hat.

We fiddle endlessly with the exterior package:
--we clothe our bodies, and our choices are frequently dictated not by function but by fashion
--we color our hair or cut it or shave it off or confine it with a rubber band or (apparently with some folks) send it through a food processor
--we master our thighs...or don't
--if we're truly serious about modification, we seek out a plastic surgeon and order up better body parts

We make conscious choices about the way we look, even if we don't care how we look. That itself is a choice.

We dress for success.
We decorate ourselves for sex.
We choose to look like everyone else.
We choose not to look like everyone else.

All the alterations to our outer shell are chosen, my friends. Haircut. Mustache shape. Glasses.

We make choices about the way our bodies look to make a statement about ourselves.

So...what's John Bolton's statement?


Kira Zalan said...

“The UN Charter is fundamentally a political, not a legal document. On finances it amounts to little more than an ‘agreement to agree.’”
– Op-ed in the Los Angeles Times, April 13, 1997.

Bitty said...

Thank you for sharing. That's a good answer, but not the answer to the question asked.

Waveflux said...

Sooner or later, Bitty, a porch light attracts insects. Welcome to the fun part of the Web. :-D

Bitty said...

Waveflux: APPARENTLY so!!!!