Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hello, Senator

I e-mailed my Senator, Bill Nelson, asking him to vote against Alito's confirmation based on my concerns about Alito's subscription to the "unitary executive theory." (I have other reasons, but I think this is the strongest reason to keep him off the bench...if we maintain checks and balances, if we don't hand the country over to the president permanently, there's hope other bad decisions can be reversed.)

I got back a nice e-mail, a form of course, sent out to anyone writing on this subject, whether they want Nelson to vote up or down. In the e-mail he indicates that he'll weigh all the information carefully and said (emphasis mine):

It is important that we confirm a justice who will be a voice of reason and a staunch defender of our constitutional rights.

Yeah, that's what I say. Of course his idea and mine about what that means might be different.

Didn't bother writing to my other Senator...Republican Mel Martinez.


Sonda said...

Hi Bitty,
I live in Florida too and got the same so-called response back from Bill Nelson. I'm a Libra as well. I agree, no point in writing or calling Martinez. I found out about your blog from Shakespeare's Sister (she blogrolled you today).

Bitty said...

Did she? How cool.

I was actually considering writing to Martinez just to remind him that we who disapprove of Alito are out here!