Monday, January 16, 2006

Today's challenge

While people elsewhere in the country struggle to shovel their sidewalks and keep their homes warm, I'm faced with an unexpected pail of lemons to juice, courtesy of my neighbor. (The bright orange fruits are a handful of tangerines. The rest of the pail are mammoth lemons.)

(Actually, it can get plenty cold here. Last month's electric bill was the highest I've had in probably a decade, and it was due to usage, not increased price. On the other hand, January's weather has so far been schizophrenic, mostly near-tropical, but occasionally near-freezing. Right now it's 68 outside and I'm wearing a t-shirt.)


Alanna said...


Now you will have lots of lemons--as you like it--with your iced tea!


Bitty said...

Yep. And those lemons are just as large as they appear in the photo...maybe larger.

(But I still haven't squeezed them; maybe tonight.)