Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I hate when this happens

My checking account has a mystery post: I spent $6.82 "at" Compass Group. I have no idea what that is. Most of my check card transactions use names that are self-explanatory: IHOP (never again...too much money for too little food and really horrendous service), My Grocery Store; My Gas Station; Home Depot (a/k/a My Second Home).

Time to dig out the receipts. I thought I had everything written down. But why can't names that vendors use with banks jibe with names they use when they sell us the stuff? Please?


Waveflux said...

There are many Compass Groups represented in Google, but I'm guessing that the one on your statement runs some on-campus eatery you might have visited. What do you think?

Bitty said...

Well then that really stinks (thank you so much for doing far more research on it than I have so far!!) because the on-campus eateries operate under another name as well, Chartwell's, and I had a charge processed from Chartwell's on the same day.

I don't need this level of confusion.

And that amount would then make sense.

Waveflux said...

Chartwell's is indeed a division of Compass Group North America (as is Au Bon Pain, another popular campus presence). It really is annoying that the name of the specific eatery isn't what shows up on your statement.

Bitty said...

This explains why they offer Au Bon Pain soup. It doesn't explain why they rarely offer the flavors I like. (Cheese & broccoli--never...clam chowder--on Fridays, when I'm rarely here)

I don't care whether they call themselves Chartwells (the name we know) or Compass, but they ought to at least be consistent, since I'm only visiting one shop.

You're just too smart, mister! (Thanks for the help.)