Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bad Career Move

Big drug bust at San Diego State University today.


Those arrested included a student who was about to receive a criminal justice degree and another who was to receive a master's degree in homeland security.

This won't look good on the resumes.


Bee said...

Funny! Reminded me of a Weeds episode that I watched last night -- with Alison Janney as the drug-savvy lawyer.

Bitty said...

Ooh! Weeds is the next HBO series on my "start watching" mental list.

I loves me some Mary Louise Parker.

Bee said...

Friends recommended it to me, and it definitely doesn't disappoint.

Cutting satire, hilarious dialogue, and Mary Louise is gorgeous in every way.

(I got the first season DVD -- only twenty bucks at Target -- when I was in Texas last month.)
And Elizabeth Perkins is fab, too.