Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm Not an Attorney, But I Played One on TV

...and that lack of real-life experience isn't stopping Dylan McDermott, formerly attorney Bobby Donnell on The Practice, from serving as his own divorce lawyer.


Brave Sir Robin said...

If that's true, he has a fool for a client.

Bitty said...

Please note the tag I gave the post (fool for a client)!

I'm thinking this might be symptomatic of why his marriage has ended if he's so egotistical as to think that he can handle this job.

After all, he's someone with significant assets, living in a community property state. I worked for an attorney for 12 years -- and not on TV -- and I wouldn't try this stunt.


Bee said...

He he.

Well maybe he picked up some tips from the scripts. How do you explain that truly barmy woman, Heather Mills, and her insistence on representing herself?