Friday, May 30, 2008

Mad for Mad Men and More

To stave off my Lost withdrawal, I found a killer article on Mad Men on EW. (This is for Alanna and Bee!) The Golden Globe-winning show returns July 27 and I can barely wait.

If you're not watching this show, you should be. You have been admonished.

The article contained another gem: series star and Golden Globe winner Jon Hamm spent his off-time filming a movie. I'm happy for Hamm, but not sure how I feel about this. The inevitable has happened (and this is for Phil): The Day the Earth Stood Still has been remade, with a December release date. And it stars...Keanu Reeves as Klaatu.

Well, I guess Reeves knows how to act like someone from outer space...


Anonymous said...

Ach. Another remake we didn't ask for and didn't need. It'll be a cold day on Mercury before I watch this abomination.

/end curmudegonly rant

Bitty said...

I think with this there is officially nothing left to be remade.

We'll now start remaking the remakes.

Oh, wait. That's been done, too. (See Invasion of the Body Snatchers, ad infinitum.)

Bee said...

I will just skip the remake and go to the good stuff: I can't wait to buy the DVD of the first season of Mad Men and see the episodes that I missed! I'll try not to pine too much for the second season . . . for which I will have to suffer a delay.

Bitty said...

Bee, will you be able to get the DVDs there around the same time as us? Or will you have relatives get them for you/purchase from Amazon US, etc?

How much of a delay?

Brave Sir Robin said...

Philip, (I still have a hard time thinking of you by that name, you'll always be waveflux to me)

Is there a better word in the English language than curmudgeon?

Bee said...

I was going to purchase it in July, when I come to New England. (Also on my DVD list: 2nd season of Weeds!)

We almost never have time/make time to watch TV, and we watch almost everything on DVD.

As for 2nd season delays, we only got Mad Men I in January . . . so next January? Maybe next fall? They had it on at 10 pm on Sunday nights, and I missed about half of them.

Anonymous said...


I look forward to July 27th too. Did I mention that Netflix has Season One of Mad Men listed, but the release date is "Unknown" as yet ?


Bitty said...

Bee, I have a DVR, one of my best possessions. I might be able to get season 2 to you sooner if you want... (I really don't want to wait until January to dish about it!)

Alanna, I believe the release date is July 1. I preordered from Amazon, and for some reason they have the estimated ship date as July 7.

BSR, that word's in the top 10 for sure. And Phil uses it a lot, especially when he comments here. I wonder why? ;)

Bee said...


I don't mind spoilers at all, so don't worry about gushing about Man Men.