Saturday, May 17, 2008

One Week Later

I was gone a week and a day. In that week:

My cat, Baby, decided that, with spoilsport me out of the way, the dining table is now his domain. I have no idea how I'm going to keep him off it.

Baby shedded about 1/4 of a cat's worth of fur.

My outdoor potted plants did not die, although the Weather Channel told me every day that it was very dry here.

Apparently we had quite a windstorm at least once because said potted plants are blown all over the place and I need to go out and find where my Sirius antenna went.

A mystery and why I'm really posting on this topic: my neighbors, whose mailbox has been in one position the 32 years they've occupied their home, have planted a second mailbox (apparently not a replacement) five feet away from the old one, and rather low to the ground.


Brave Sir Robin said...

My Theory -

Midget mail carrier took over the route while you were away?

Bitty said...

Yes, and only my weird neighbors got the memo!

Bee said...

Could it be the recycling depot for all of the junk mail?