Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bugging Out

I'm off to my daughter's in NC for about a week. She just happens to live in my daughter-in-law's hometown. DIL and her (and Marine Son's) son are there, so off I go for a family-fun-filled Mother's Day weekend, complete with a pig pickin'. (I don't quite know what that is, but I can guess, and I'll know for sure soon enough.)

I may or may not get to check in -- everyone have a great Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

Have a great Mom's Day, Bitty. And enjoy the, ah, pig picking. (Oh, dear...)

Bitty said...

That's pig pickin' -- no "g."

That, and that a pig is involved, is everything I'm certain of!

Thanks for the well-wishing!

Brave Sir Robin said...

Happy Mother's day!!!

If a "Pig Pickin'" involves pork fat, it's probably a good thing.


Sarah Sometimes said...

Bitty, sounds like fun. Have a great Mother's day and week off....

Bee said...

It's lucky I checked in with some of my blog favorites this morning, because I was completely oblivious to the fact that it is American Mother's Day. (The English celebrate Mother's Day in March -- so I am almost destined to get into deep doo-doo with my Texan mother.)

Hope you have good eats! Will there be pie?