Sunday, June 08, 2008

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity!!! Or, Something Else I Saw Today

Exiting a stone store (as in pavers), I almost ran into a man wearing a t-shirt that read, "Beware Liberals Posing as Americans."

I wish I had run into him -- hard.

This equation is a big frame around my parts:

conservatives = Americans
non-conservatives = non-Americans

There's a bumper sticker on every fifth car with a flag graphic and the words, "Stand up for America. Be an American!"

Logic is totally missing from these slogans. If a person is an American, she's an American. Period. This isn't a recruiting bumper sticker, as in "come be a naturalized citizen!" Of that I am quite sure.

And as for Mr. T-shirt, he's up to here, literally, in scare tactics, either/or fallacies, strawman-baiting, etc. Another argument without evidence.

Boogity, boogity! Beware the liberal traitor! She might be buying stakes for her paver edging at a store near you, plotting the downfall of the greatest nation on the planet while making sure her pavers don't shift.

Or something like that.


Bee said...

If only these "American loving" conservatives would be more SPECIFIC about which tenets of liberalism so undermine our great country. You know, just to give a little "substance" to their claims . . .

rohit said...


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Bitty said...

Bee, it's hard to be specific on a scare-tactic t-shirt. Seriously, I don't know the answer to your question.

Someday I will read your blog from the beginning, but I've wondered a few things, if you have time ever to address them. (Or you have already, you could direct me to the post.)

First, I assume you still sound like an American. However, snickering about Madonna aside, I know how hard it is to avoid sounding like a Brit when you're near Brits. I used to have English neighbors, and after an evening with them, we came home pronouncing our "t"s very precisely and otherwise sounding like foolish English wannabees. Since you're immersed in the language, I would imagine it rubs off on you somewhat.

Anyway, I ask this because I wonder how uncomfortable it is to be American in Europe. My daughter spent two weeks there last year, and sometimes she got some really strange looks.

Bee said...


I think that I have a "softened" American accent -- but not an English one. I am very au fait with English pronunciations and expressions, though, and I think that these things are part of what helps one to "blend." No one ever really gives me strange looks -- as far as I know. I actually haven't experienced any American hateism.