Thursday, June 26, 2008

This Is a Criminal Intent

Law & Order: Criminal Intent's Chris Noth is moving on. While I like Noth well enough on the show, I can live with that. The one constant in the L&O family is change, after all, just like in "real" life.

What's criminal, however, is that his replacement is Jeff Goldblum.

Goldblum did an entirely too good job of being a Big Jerk in The Big Chill, and I've never found him anything but annoying.

Either I can live with it, or tune out every other episode. Or maybe Goldblum will surprise me and be, at worst, someone I love to hate.



Anonymous said...

I don't know what manner of character Goldblum will be asked to play, but I think the actor himself is a net gain for the show. I've always liked his quirkiness and the hint of a dark streak he carries with him. I had high hopes that his short-lived stint on Raines would be extended, but that wasn't in the cards.

Bitty said...

I hope you're right. I didn't watch Raines precisely because I thought the show would be short-lived. Not because I thought the show was bad, but because networks don't really give shows a chance anymore. Big hit the first weeks out or bite the dust.

Maybe all will be well. I wrote that post when I was really feeling poorly anyway. Maybe Goldblum will win me over. I'm too much a sucker for cop shows not to give it a chance.

However, thinking about your "quirkiness" and "hint of a dark streak," that describes D'Onofrio's crazy genius Bobby Goran.


Anonymous said...

However, thinking about your "quirkiness" and "hint of a dark streak," that describes D'Onofrio's crazy genius Bobby Goran.

Heh. I can see D'Onofrio growling at Goldblum to "Back off, pal...I'm workin' this side of the street." :-D

Maybe the department run by Captain Curly Hair is going to going to become a veritable dumping ground for crazy genius detectives and their long-suffering partners. Now that would be interesting.

Bitty said...

I suppose this is a particular tender point to me since, while sick, I've been catching up on CI. I've seen the season 7.1 finale (which I missed when it was new), and now the first three eps of season 7.2, and I'm just drenched in CI. Drenched.

I hope Eames stays p-o'd at Goran a while longer. It makes for an entertaining subtext.