Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I Can Go Home Again

On Monday, I begin a two-week trip that will take me to my daughter's home and then take her, her boys, and me to spend a week in Maryland, where my mother and most of my other relatives live.

This trip almost didn't happen, and then it was only going to be a few days in Maryland, but now, now it's a full week.

I haven't allowed myself to get excited. Until today.

And some of these guys will be meeting their fate when they meet me:

and I'll have some of this:

And I'll see my mother, my seven sisters, two brothers, six nieces and nephews (yes, among all those siblings, they could only manage six kids -- I contributed three to the pool all by myself! [well, I had a little help...]), a great-niece and great-nephew, my ex's mother and some of her relatives...


Sarah Sometimes said...

sounds lovely!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! Have a wonderful time (which shouldn't be too hard).

Bitty said...

Thank you both for the good thoughts.

Have a wonderful time (which shouldn't be too hard).

Presuming everyone behaves themselves, true. There are a lot of feuds among the group, and really, for good reason.

One sister slept with another's husband.

One sister forged another sister's signature on some financial documents.

Stuff like that. The stuff of novels and trashy TV shows.

What happens is that we have to meet with family in groups. Some family members are Switzerland, like me. They can attend any gathering. Others, not so much.

But I think everyone can behave for a week. Problem is, I want to do an outing, and I'm not sure to what extent people will recuse themselves.

Whatever. My daughter, grandsons, and mother are going. The rest of them can work it out.

Bee said...

Seven sisters! I was going to tell you to enjoy the crab soup, but I just got stuck on that!

Where are you in the placement? And what is your theory as to why so many of your siblings have not added to the world's population?