Monday, June 02, 2008

What's in a Name?

Or, a Muttering on Why I Really, Really, Really Hope That My DIL, Indian Princess, Doesn't Get Her Way about Naming Their Coming Baby, Should That Baby Be a Girl.

Based on what Indian Princess said to me recently about Marine Son suggesting other names, I dearly hope this is not a done deal. IP has had her heart set on a certain girl's name forever apparently, but you know what? Teenage dreams don't always go so well with adult realities. The only person I've ever heard of with IP's preferred name has had a tough, tough life, and as such, I'd hate to see a newborn baby be associated in any way with someone who's essentially famous for being, heartbreakingly, a walking disaster.

And she's made the news again.

Names should be a gift, not a burden.

(Grandmotherly rant over and out.)

Hat tip to Petulant at Shakesville.

Edit: On the same topic, what mother names her precious newborn Craphonso???


Bitty said...

And I'll make my own first comment.

I have nothing against Tatum O'Neal, or addicts. I have plenty of addicts in my own family, and my heart goes out to her.

Nor do I intend to suggest she's not talented.

But what's the first or second thing most people think when they hear the name "Tatum"?

As I said, some form of walking disaster.

The only name I can think of that would be worse would be Paris, and for the same reasons.

Anonymous said...

The first - indeed, only - thing that comes to mind when I hear the first name Tatum (or even the full name) is "actress." But I really know very little about Ms. O'Neal; she never made much of an impression on me. Not her fault; that's just how it turned out.

However: you still have a grandmother's prerogative to wish for another name, by God. And yes, names should not be burdens.

Bitty said...

That would be a good thing, then, if "train wreck" wasn't your first thought, especially if I end up with a granddaughter named Tatum. Tatum O'Neal has been (allegedly) abused by both father and ex, one John McEnroe (gee, can't imagine that), and addicted on, it appears, a Robert Downey Jr. scale for some time.

Bee said...

Bitty, I agree with you:
Tatum is just a sad name -- with proven bad karma.

It also lacks a certain, shall we say "euphonious," quality. Reminds me of "tater."

(My only niece is named Lolita, so go figure. The fact that her father is Spanish, and her mother is poorly read, still doesn't excuse this. We call her "Lolly" and try to make the best of a bad deal.

Start thinking of nicknames, I guess.

(BTW,I have a feeling that Indian Princess saw "Bad News Bears" at a formative age . . . but grow up, honey. I had a friend who wanted to name her firstborn "Lacey Love" -- but when the time came, made do with "Alison.")

Bitty said...

Bee -- you're probably right about Bad News Bears. I really hadn't been able to figure out where this came from before.

When she told me that Marine Son was agitating for a different name, I took heart, even if they don't go with his first choice. Or second. IP tends to get what she wants; Marine Son chooses his battles very carefully. I'd say this was an important one.

How old is your niece? How soon until she learns the associations with her name? (Lita would be a nice nickname, too.)

And Lacey Love? Oh my. Oh my.

Lucky Alison!

Bitty said...

Oh, and yes. Tater is another snap association. In fact, I can see that being her taunted-at-the-playground name.

(Is no one going to touch "Craphonso"?)

Brave Sir Robin said...

I thought she was the one who abused him (John McEnroe). Didn't he get the kids?

As for her, I always adored her. Paper Moon remains one of my favorite films of all time.

I'm sure her childhood and father played a huge role in her screwed up mental state.

Bitty said...

BSR: I did use the word "allegedly." :)

I believe they both claim to have been abused. I'm guessing that the courts thought that between the two of them, the tennis player with a publicly-demonstrated anger management problem would make a far better parent that the actress with a publicly-demonstrated drug addiction.

Sad choices for the kids.

AMorris said...

I think that being in the same room with that racquet slinging little piss ant would be abuse.

As for the name, I hope that Marine Son puts his shiny boot down on this one and pulls IP's head out of her arse. My MIL called up joking about how the LW and I were the "back to the land" types or something and said that we'd probably name our daughter Tangerine or some such nonsense. That's how I got the plan to name CP after two famous agitators. =0)

Bee said...

So late to get back to this one!

Lolly is 9, and such a tiny little fairy of a girl. "Lita" is nice, too . . . and good for when she isn't dolly-sized anymore.

BTW, I agree with BSR that Paper Moon is a great film -- and she was truly wonderful in it. It's sad to peak when you are 10, huh?

Be sure to let us know what happens with this one!