Saturday, November 22, 2008 Thanks You

I've been a huge West Wing fan since mid-season two. I don't know why I didn't watch from the start -- probably for the same reason I rarely watch any new shows: I don't trust the networks not to cancel the show out from under me just a few episodes in.

Anyway, for a lot of reasons, most especially because of the recent election, I've spent a certain amount of time going to Amazon and just looking at the WW complete series. It's kind of funny that I do that -- I wonder if others do? It's exactly what I used to do when I thought I was going to have my kitchen professionally done. Every time I went to Home Depot, I'd go visit the model kitchen that I wanted. I'd open and close the doors, run my fingers along the countertop that was not the one I wanted, and otherwise imagine how it would look in my house. In the same way, every few weeks when I was at Amazon for some reason or another, I'd go look at the West Wing complete series.

I almost bought it.

It was just over $200, however. I don't remember the exact price, but I think about $208.

A week to ten days ago, I noticed the price had dropped dramatically, to $143.99.

That got my attention.

But still, I didn't act. I wasn't sure that I really needed to spend money on something pretty frivolous when the hard times are upon us (and I'm saving up to try not to work next summer -- don't envy me yet; the best I am going to get is one class - 1/4 of a schedule, so why not find a way not to go in at all?).

The other night, lying in bed waiting for sleep, I remembered the $25 reward certificate I have tacked to the bulletin board, a certificate I earned with my Amazon credit card.

Do the math: that $208 purchase suddenly became a $119 purchase.

Still, I didn't act.

Then I went to visit Brave Sir Robin today and read his sad story of planning to buy the complete Buffy on sale, only to discover that the sale had ended abruptly.

It was a sign.

Delivery estimate for my West Wing complete series: December 8, 2008 - December 12, 2008.

Now, excuse me while I go stare down the complete series of The Wire, which becomes available on December 9.


kkryno said...

See; there are rewards for thinking before you aquire a coveted item. Patience is rewarded, but timing is everyting!

(From a champion impulse-buyer extraordinaire...)

I am the "proud" owner of several regretful purchases.

Bitty said...

I almost always think things out for a long time before I act.

It took about 5 years for my kitchen to go from a daydream to almost finished.

I have "built" additions to my home in my head several times over. (None actually exist yet.) In fact, if I ever actually were able to make the home improvements I want, what would I think about then?

But I have a few regretful purchases of my own, as well.

You're right about the timing. It doesn't always work for me. I recently bought the first two seasons of Hill Street Blues. (I would not have done it had I realized that the other season are NOT available.)

A few weeks later, the price dropped by almost half.

It's not that I really want a DVD library of my favorite shows, but I've noticed an uncomfortable trend. The more "classic" some shows are, the harder they are to get. Neither Hill Street Blues nor NYPD Blue is fully available. Conversely, mediocre shows come out on DVD practically as the end-of-show theme music is playing for the season finale. Where does one go to watch West Wing on tv at the moment? Apparently on Bravo -- in the morning. To me, this is never a good sign. The show is about to disappear. It may take a few years more, but it will disappear.

All those cable stations, and nothing much to watch sometimes.

Except Law & Order. On every station.

Bee said...

I guess this is why they are now talking deflation.

BTW, and I don't want to make you feel bad, but they were doing this set for 50 pounds in the Oxford HMV. I noticed it on Saturday and thought about it for my dad - who is a big fan. Now that the pound is so weak, we are talking about something way below $100. (Also, that price includes the VAT.) The Wire, on the other hand, is big bucks. (I've never seen it, but I've heard good things.)

Bitty said...

Bee -- oh, no problem. I fully expect the price will fall more later, but since it also might go up -- or the product might get discontinued -- I decided to jump.

I bought the complete series of Homicide one piece at a time. Then I saw the series as a set for less than I paid for the parts! But now it's nearly $300.

The price for The Wire dropped between last night and today. I could have sworn it was about $200, but maybe it was less. Anyway, now it's $136.49. I really need to start writing down these prices so that I know just exactly what the difference is when I see a change later.

I expect the prices to drop further still as we approach Christmas and things aren't selling as the retailers had hoped.

At least that's MY hope!

Bitty said...

Just saw a grumbly comment from someone on the Amazon site about the complete The Wire being $180. That sounds about right for what I'd seen before.

And I only note it here so that I can come back and look later, as I price-shop!

Brave Sir Robin said...