Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day, Or My Last Day to Obsessively Follow the Rasmussen Presidential Tracking Poll

It feels like Christmas, for -- as my 6-year-old grandson says -- serious.

In fact, it seems odd that Obama and McCain are still doing a little campaigning. Don't they know the "shopping" is over? It's time to celebrate the holiday.

It looks like I didn't get chosen as one of the people to fly to Chi-town to join Obama at the Grant Park celebration. Oh well. It's cold up there, anyway. And I'm not that fond of flying.

Today Rasmussen says that the polls show Obama at 52%, McCain at 46%, 1% voting 3rd party, and 1% undecided. More interestingly, it says this:
Thirty-six percent (36%) of voters cast their ballots early this year and those voters favored Obama by a double-digit margin. Among those who will actually cast their ballots on Tuesday, the candidates are essentially even.
I think that just said that today is an exercise, people. Florida is leaning... It could be that I helped decide the election last week -- for Obama!

Over the last week, I've begun to believe that this will really happen -- that our long nightmare is over.

If the will of the people is truly manifested, if pre-programmed machines and other crookery don't get in the way, I expect to be celebrating, finally, on election night, for the first time since 1996.

I'm almost afraid to put that in writing.


Anonymous said...

I'll be at an election party for a while tonight. I told M that she was certainly invited, but she declined. With a chuckle.

Will you await the revolution at a party tonight, or at home?

Bee said...

Just as little brother Jeb handed Florida to big brother W in 2000, so will Bitty hand Florida to Obama. We hope!! It must be exciting to vote in a state that could swing it. I hate being a Texas Democrat and seeing those 34 electoral votes go to a Republican.

I will be thinking about you and BSR and The Accidental Housewife tonight as I stay up to watch the returns . . . sad little isolated expat that I am. I have drawn so much comfort, strength, and humor from your political commentary over the past six months. Thanks, Bitty.

Sarah Sometimes said...

whoopee!! We did it...

kkryno said...

Looks like America opted for Hope after all! :)