Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blindsided (ok, one more post)

I really am outta here in a few minutes.

I was mulling over how uninformed most of the country is. Many people don't watch news because they don't care, don't have time, etc. There is lots of info on the internet, but again, for many, "current events" is a big ho-hum or at least not something they take time to be on top of. I'm willing to bet that many, many people know nothing about Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation, etc.

How shocked are they going to be when (presumably) top White House officials are indicted? They'll be blindsided, for sure.

I don't feel any particular glee about the fact that tons of doody are about to hit the fan. I'm scared to death of what happens next...although I've also been scared to death of what's come before this.

Our country has been in trouble for a long time. Some people are only just about to find out how much trouble. And many, of course, aren't going to believe it.

God help us all.

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