Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cyber security hell: not a place for the flip-flopper

I am not a person who deals in absolutes. I don't look at the world in terms of black and white, and I certainly don't see it in terms of absolute favorites. Not since I was eleven have I had, for instance, "a" favorite color. Call me wishy-washy if you must, label me flip-flopper, but my answer to that kind of question is, it depends.

Do you want me to wear that color or paint it on my bedroom wall?

Am I going to drive it around or see it in a flower?

Is it my most-preferred shade of sunset or the color I love best in babies' eyes?
Imagine my horror, then, when my banking institution changed its system so that when I logged in today, I was forced -- forced! -- not only to answer one such silly "favorites" question (for security purposes), but three.

First, I had my choice of declaring either my favorite restaurant, band, movie, or song. Uh-oh. In trouble already. Restaurant, for instance? For sit-down or carry out? For cheap eats or splurging? For dining alone or with others?

And because I had to pick three questions (and answers) out of twelve, I had to deal with this agony twelve times over!

In the end, I made these horrific decisions in order to look at my money:

my favorite restaurant
my favorite drink
my favorite (dear God!) person
There are no definitive answers to ANY of these questions, especially the last one. And even though I chose X as my favorite person -- for banking purposes only! -- I still love the rest of you.

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