Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Random Act of Kindness...I hope

There's a snack bar of sorts in the building where I work, and on my way there recently, I noticed some mail on the ground next to an overflowing trash can. The mail was stamped but not postmarked.

When I came out, the mail was still there on the ground, so I picked it up. One item was a postcard written in French. (C'est vrai!) The other was clearly a greeting card, kind of fat as if perhaps it contained some photos or a long letter, and it had a local return address with a young woman's name.

Right near the trash can is a mailbox...so I mailed them.

I figure one of three things was going on:

1. She decided not to mail the items and threw them away, in which case I did her a disservice. (But if that were the case, wouldn't she have made darn sure the mail hit the trash can?)

2. It was a decency test: put some mail on the ground and see if people ignore it or deal with it, in which case I guess I passed. (Nah, too 5 o'clock newsy.)

3. More likely (I hope), the mail fell out of her purse or backpack, in which case I did her a favor.

If the #3 scenario were mine and I'd dropped some mail, I hope someone would pick up the cards and mail them.

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