Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My son is a SUPER kid!

We used to have some fridge magnets given to my kids by their father's then-girlfriend. When the kids grew up, I threw the magnets away (sorry, A!), but I kept them as long as I did because of the message:

M is a SUPER kid!

E is a SUPER kid!

A is a SUPER kid!

You want to keep those kind of affirmations around for your kids, no?

I'm wondering if Nicolas Cage's mommy bought one of those magnets for him. He certainly seems to have internalized the message and wants to pass it on to his own offspring. MSN gossip reports that Cage and his barely-out-of-braces wife have named their new son...Kal-el.

Now don't you want to rethink those unkind thoughts you had about Apple?

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