Saturday, April 05, 2008

Irony? Karma?

I don't think I was gloating in my very recent post on a brush with the law, but Karma has apparently paid me a visit anyway.*

I rather expect to get a ticket in the mail this week. Rats!

Here's what happened: my least-favorite driving scenario is to be in a left-hand turning lane with someone immediately facing me trying to left-turn in the other direction, a green light but no left-turn arrow, people behind me, and traffic maybe coming at me/maybe not because I can't see through the vehicle facing me. And lucky me -- I got into that scenario tonight.

I was inching into the left turn because I wasn't absolutely sure that the way was clear. Once I could see that no one was coming, I took off across the intersection. Only after I got halfway across did I realize that the light must have turned when I was busy watching the traffic because now cars were coming into the intersection from my left.

I was embarrassed. I try really hard to be both a careful driver, while at the same time not being a problem driver (meaning not being so overly cautious that I cause trouble). I try very hard not to make driving mistakes, and I never intentionally run a light. My kids make fun of me because I sometimes stop for yellow lights if I think I can't make it through. (No one does that, Mom!) Anyway, I pulled into the parking lot, shopped, and came out to the car. As I was lined up at the light to get out of the parking lot and back on to the main road I noticed something hovering over each set of lights: cameras. Cameras pointing at the intersection at every angle, including the one I'd been traveling.

The cameras are new to my county. They've only been in place a few months and aren't everywhere. This light has only been in place for about a month. This will be my first ticket ever for a moving violation.

My only hope is that the cameras were on the fritz tonight. But I don't suppose I can be lucky twice in one week.

Sympathetic comments would be greatly appreciated.

*When I do something good, why doesn't Karma reward me then? Why?


Anonymous said...

*When I do something good, why doesn't Karma reward me then? Why?

On an episode of The Simpsons in which Marge was arrested, she said to Chief Wiggum: "I thought you said the law was powerless!"

"Powerless to protect you, not punish you," the chief replied.

If you'd never described yourself as someone who took pains - and pride - in being a careful driver, I would still have imagined you that way. Irony blows (when it happens to us).

I will petition the Universe on your behalf, because character should count for something. :-)

Bitty said...

"Powerless to protect you, not punish you."

I really should watch The Simpsons.

The thing I meant to say in the post and never got around to is how doggone difficult it is to never make a mistake. I mean, this is one complicated world we live in. To get everything right all the time is a Herculean task that even Hercules would blow.

Seriously, sympathy is going to help a lot, because I'm far more upset about this than the post suggests. :)

Bitty said...

And thanks for the sympathy, which I never quite said.