Sunday, April 13, 2008

My side yard

I just had an itch to take a photo today. Everything is so green and I'd like to be out in it...but I have grading. My side yard is the largest part of the yard -- the other parts of the yard are more "normal" sized for a subdivision. This yard is a luxury -- except at mowing time.

I'm thinking about a bench somewhere among those trees, but most commercial benches have too much metal in them for my tastes. This is Florida, people! And metal conducts heat to our tender skin. By the end of the summer, if the economy doesn't completely freefall, I may put a shed in the far corner. It's hard to see where the fences are, but the beige shed on the left of the photo is my neighbors', and mine would nestle up near it, like a little trailer park -- I hope a classy one. I've lived in this house for 32 years with no shed or basement, and with a small attic with no easy access, so it too is useless for storage. Tall Son has left a lot of things behind and keeps bringing more for me to store. In the storage room, in addition to the usual kinds of things that one accumulates, I have a sink and kitchen cabinets to be sanded and primed and sanded and painted and installed ... someday. No wonder my house is bursting with Stuff.


Anonymous said...

Bitty, that you for sharing that view of your side yard. I love it. Of course, I don't have to mow it. ;-p

That picture reminds me of home (SC). It also reminds me of idle talk M and I have had about one day moving out of the city and to a more remote locale. It's good to dream.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

You know what would be really fun out there in the trees -- a swing. Many years ago we had a swing that was made of 100% wood -- it was on an A-frame and was more like a swinging bench. You could probably put it in a shady spot and swing away....

Of course, you know if you have a swing I'll have to come visit next time I'm in Florida to see the relatives... I have them living all over the state, so if you find a random philosopher swinging in your swing, don't be surprised.

Bitty said...

Although I'm not in a city, I also don't see myself as being so rural, although it looks that way in the photo. I'm in a bedroom-community subdivision, and in fact I live in the Bermuda Triangle of Wal-Marts: one 7 miles away, one 3 miles away, one 2.2 miles away. Draw lines between them to form a triangle, and I live near the shortest line.

Across the ditch (beyond the fence) are large lots with a few trailers on them. It's relatively heavily wooded over there and behind me, although almost all the neighbors on my little cul-de-sac had nearly all their trees removed. I feel relatively confident that nothing else except what's there will ever go up across the ditch, because developers would have to buy out a number of property owners, and there's not great access to the property. My ex and I bought this place when we were too young and dumb to know the attributes of a desirable location, and yet, for a subdivision, it turned out to be perfect.

It should remind you of SC. I'm not that far away -- I can be there in under three hours!

It's good to dream, but I live 30 miles from my employer, which is A Pain. Downsides to everything!

Bitty said...

philosophy factory --

Just yesterday I was thinking about coming to see you at your blog home now that I'm paying attention to blogs again! Better go do that now.

I've thought about that, the swing. I've wanted a porch swing, but I don't have a porch (despite the blog name -- the blog name is the expression of a dream, not a reality). A swing would be easier to get than a porch. Hmmm.

I'll let you know if the swing gets installed! You can bring your own book, or you can choose from my wide selection.

Bitty said...

Oh, and Phil -- another thing about the spacious yard: we got in on the initial development of the subdivision. After those lots were sold, it apparently occurred to the developer that they'd make more money if they created smaller yards and scrunched the houses closer together. And so they did.

Brave Sir Robin said...

A bench, a cool drink, and a writing tablet is what I see for you in that spot.

Anonymous said...


It looks lovely and you should get an outdoor luxurious item for yourself.