Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere


In Jacksonville, Florida, the local TV station ran a story about the city's plans to strictly enforce watering rules because as those who are paying attention know, water is in some places a scarce commodity and is headed toward that for the rest of us.

A city official explains the need for getting serious about water conservation:

"We want to hold off as long as we can and have our water supply last as long as possible as clean as possible," said Vincent Seibold with the city's Environmental Quality Division.

The online text story closes with a drop-down menu for viewers to peruse the top consumers of water in the county, both residential and commercial. Several prominent names appear under residential, including those of a head football coach and an owner of an upscale auto dealership. However, the most amusing name appears in the business section:

The City of Jacksonville.


Anonymous said...

So...does the rationing start with the offices of the Environmental Quality Division? :-D

Bitty said...

Pretty funny, huh?

On the other hand, this doesn't necessarily mean that the city is an overuser, but that it definitely is a serious water customer. But to say all that in the post would have taken away from the delicious irony, which point the news report didn't bother to make directly. The city has, I'm sure, many buildings, MANY parks. This may include the zoo for all I know, or the zoo may have a separate account. Still, if you're looking for a place to do a little cutting, starting with the big consumers would be a good place, since the little people can only do so much.