Friday, April 18, 2008

Nuts to all that

Mustang Bobby at Shakesville brought an important issue to my attention this morning: the Florida legislature has debated the urgent matter of truck nuts, with the result that rednecks and other asses across the state can continue to exercise their constitutional right to use free speech to display what idiots they truly are.

This got me all riled up in the comments, and I decided to cross-post what I said here. Blood is going to be running in the halls next week as students face finals and final papers, and some face the fact that as they try to register for fall they not only aren't going to be able to get the schedule they want, but the schedule they need. The current worst job in the university right now has to be that of academic adviser, as these are the people who will take the brunt of the fury that rightfully belongs elsewhere.

The state's economy is rickety, and this is going to become very clear to our school's students and their parents this coming week when the students with late registration appointments try to register and can't put together a full schedule because the classes they need are not available, and no more are being added. (We have cut a lot of classes out of the schedule.) This is going to create some bad, bad consequences, not the least of which is that federal financial aid requires students to take a certain number of credit hours. Furthermore, some people in what they thought was their final semester will have to wait to graduate because the classes they need are either full or not being offered.

High school seniors who have worked diligently to get themselves into college are now receiving letters that they have a "deferred" acceptance, which seems to mean we'll let you in as soon as we know for sure we have classes for you.

But truck balls -- truck balls are the truly important issue facing our state, and I'm relieved to know that they are getting the attention they deserve.


Brave Sir Robin said...

Sounds like the legislature in Florida has been taking lessons from the Texas Leg.

That being said, anyone who would hang that from the back of their truck . . . .

I'll just shut up and be nice.

Compensating much? Maybe?

Bitty said...

When I was looking for articles to link, on one of them one of the first comments was about fiscal incompetence: make professors teach more instead of their "six contact hours" a week and quit wasting the taxpayers' money.

One of the things we grumble about is the perception that we work two half-days a week and then loll at the beach or the golf course the rest of the time. Reality: I work some part of seven days a week. I feel guilty any days I'm not working. Unlike some jobs I've had, I can't just power down the computer and go out the door on Friday. The work goes with me. And keeps me awake some nights.

And -- compensating a whole lot, I'd think.