Sunday, April 13, 2008

Update on Marine Son

I haven't said much about Marine Son, because I don't know much, and some of what I know I must keep to myself. However, I can say this: he's actually based in Kuwait (unless that has changed), flying in and out of Iraq. (He's a back-of-the-helicopter guy, not the pilot.) I am led to understand that he has a roof rather than a tent over his head when he's on base and access to shopping for the basics, like razors and snacks. I have most of my info from his wife, Indian Princess.

Soon (I forget when she said), he will be allowed to teleconference with Indian Princess for ten minutes.

He's working 16-hour days, with one day off a month. Apparently, even though he's only supposed to be there for 6 months, they plan to get a year's worth of work out of him.

No more complaining from me about my workload.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! All best to Marine Son.

Pamela H said...
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Bitty said...

Phil, thanks. I knew I was overdue saying something, but I wanted to get more info before I posted.

It could be a lot worse, I keep telling myself. He could be 24 hours a day in Georgie's Wonderland.

Brave Sir Robin said...

We can be thankful for small tiding of good news.

Yes, it's better than Iraq all day.

I'm Wishing him and his family well.

Bitty said...

BSR -- thanks.