Saturday, April 19, 2008

You Could At Least Act Like You Care

I was solicited by e-mail to take a survey about a tv show that I watch. I decided to go ahead.

First question: your gender? (male or female)
Second question: your age? (offering at least 10 different ranges to choose from)

Upon my truthfully answering the second question I got this message:

This concludes this survey. Thank you for participating.

Obviously, due to my "advanced" age, my opinion does not matter.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I had to read your post twice to make sure that I wasn't imagining your being summarily dismissed.

I am surprised that the concluding message wasn't "You have reached the age of economic non-utility. Please report to the nearest ice floe so that you may be pushed out to sea."

I know that television and the advertising that drives it lives and dies by demographics, but good grief.

Bitty said...

I know: they could have continued to ask me a few questions for show, even if the answers went in the dumper immediately upon my pushing "submit." Hence, the title. What's the incentive to make me ever agree to take a survey again?

What I was going to put in the post but didn't think fit was the observation that I have a job, disposable income, no mortgage, and credit cards with lots and lots of room on them.

Perhaps the advertisers might want to make nice with me.

Bitty said...

And you know, if I'd have received your suggested message, I would at least have laughed.

Bee said...

Just out of curiousity, what was the show?

konagod said...

I wish I could remember a telephone survey I took awhile back. She said it might take 10 minutes and it was some survey about household products I use.

The first question was along the lines of "are you or anyone in your family involved in marketing or advertising?" I said that my partner and I both work for ad agencies.

Thus concludes the survey! That was a quick 10 minutes!

Bitty said...

Bee, I'm hesitant to say simply because it's such a trashy show. There is guilty pleasure and then there is what are you thinking? I have a reputation to uphold around here.

Suffice it to say that it's a show that probably does skew toward an older audience, so perhaps they're trying to see what, if anything, makes a younger audience tune in.

In any event, they could have found another way to get rid of me.

Kona: your profession disqualifies you from all sorts of fun, doesn't it? And I like your avatar, you celestial being, you.

Bee said...

You do realize that I am now even more CURIOUS to know the identity of the show!

(How trashy could it be? I'm going to guess Gossip Girl!)

Bee said...

Oops! I just realized that you said "skewed toward an older audience . . ."

I guess that Gossip Girl is out.

Unfortunately, living in England, I am not very hip to the "new" shows (unless my 14 yo is interested).